Origins of the Paso Fino Horse

The history of the breed Paso Fino began in Spain where the crossbreeding led to the emergence of a saddle horse of the finest. To occupy Spain, Arabs brought Berbers horses, called Barbas today. The genetic contribution of that race had an important impact on the evolution of horses in Europe, North Africa and the New World. The Barb of Spain’s was a result miscegenation of Berbers with local horses. They then took the blood supply of Andalusian horses.

It was during his second voyage to the New World when Christopher Columbus brought the first horses to Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic today). Those animals were mestizos Barbas, Berber and Andalusian of Spain. Later in Mexico and South America, other races will join them, but his complete isolation will recognize them as the ancestors of the Paso Fino.


Definition: Paso Fino is a gait or walk executed by some of our equines, characterized by an alternated and successive displacement of its two lateral bipeds, producing two beats with each biped to execute the complete cycle or gait in four beats.

Definition: It is the way of movement of some of our equines with a successive and alternated move of its two diagonal bipeds, producing two beats with each biped, to execute the complete cycle.

Like vertical lines that the moving members must follow, they must be analyzed in motion and standing, with frontal, rear and lateral inspection. Regarding the back legs, it is established that they can separately attach to “The vertical lines from the top of the croup”. The moving members must have total anatomic and physiologic normality.

Definition: The Trocha and Galope gait corresponds to a new, very hard to get saddle horse.

Its good quality is achieved by combining, in one single horse the Trocha gait with classic patterns, with a Galope also with classic patterns.

Diferents gaits used in events and competitions

  • Paso Fino
  • Performance
  • Pleasure
  • Bellas Formas
  • Trocha
  • Trocha and Galope
  • Trote and Galope

Age Category

Gender Male and Female